What is Betsender?

Betsender is a bot for Betfair which fully automates your betting and staking plan calculations. The software comes with many build-in backing and laying staking plans.

How much does the software cost?

You can evaluate Betsender for 7 days for free. The annual license costs 83 pounds + VAT. This includes full PDF guide, all updates and customer support.

What do I need to run Betsender?

The software requires a computer running Windows with Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 installed. Of course, you need Betfair account.

How many computers can I have running the bot?

You can use one license to register the software on multiple computers.

What happens if I buy a new computer? Can I transfer the license?

You can use the same license key to register the bot on your new computer if the same Betfair account is used.

Does your software contain spyware, adware or viruses?

No, Betsender does not contain any spyware, adware or viruses. The bot is clean and free of any malicious code.

Can I leave the bot running on my behalf?

Yes, you can leave Betsender running on your machine for hours or a day, while you are away. After the bot is set up, it can run and bet on it’s own without your help.

Can I run multiple instances of Betsender at the same time?

Yes, you can do this. Please, read “Instance Manager” topic in our user guide before doing this.

Important: if you run many instances (5 and more) only in simulation mode, your Betfair account can be marked for closure because of high data usage without placing bets. We recommend mixing simulation mode and real bets to avoid this.

Can I install the bot on VPS?

Yes, many of our customers use VPS to run the bot. The bot will run on VPS 24/7 while you can switch off your computer. Make sure you get a VPS on a server located in UK or Europe in a country where Betfair is not banned (do not rent US servers). Find more info about running Betsender bot on VPS.

Is it possible to bet less than minimum bet size?

Betsender is able to bet less than minimum Betfair stake. The minimum stake is one penny. However it is not advised to abuse this feature because Betfair may suspend your account in such case.

Countdown of the race start shows wrong time and bets are not being placed.

Try to set your timezone on Betfair site in My Account -> My Profile under the “Preferred timezone”. For example, if you are in Europe it should be set at CET (GMT +1.00), for New Zealand it should be NZT (GMT +13.00). More info

Some staking plan parameters are greyed out and I can’t change them (for instance, Multiplier).

These parameters show read-only information and will be automatically updated by the bot after every bet. They are not for setting up a staking plan and you don’t have to modify them manually. If for some reason you need to adjust these parameters, it is possible to do in Settings window, on Staking Plans tab.

Lay betting doesn’t work on BSP.

Betfair has a minimum liability for all Lay bets placed at BSP. For UK accounts it is 10 GBP (or equivalent in your local currency). If liability of your lay bet is below this amount it will not be accepted on Betfair. Liability is Stake x (Odds – 1). E.g. if you lay 2 GBP at 4.00, your liability is 2 x (4 – 1) = 6 and it is not a valid lay bet at BSP. Try to increase your stakes or bet at live odds instead of BSP.

Results for some races are delayed or don’t show at all (Simulation Mode).

If you are betting in Simulation mode, the bot takes all racing results from Betfair RSS feed.  Sometimes Betfair RSS feed is updating with delay. Also Betfair doesn’t set RSS results for deadheats. Unfortunately, there are no alternative sources to get results for bets placed in simulation mode. It is a certain drawback of simulation, but you don’t risk your money and we think it is acceptable. When you bet in real mode, all results are retrieved directly from Betfair API and appear immediately after bets are settled.

Bot crashes right after start.

Most likely you don’t have .NET Framework 3.5 installed. You can download it from Microsoft site here.

I want specific features. Can you customise the bot for me?

Yes, we can customise the bot to add your own ideas or design a new betting software for you for a reasonable price. Also we offer one custom staking plan for free on demand for any registered users. Please, contact us regarding this.

I don’t understand how to use some features.

Please, read our user guide PDF which we distribute with our software. Check the Video page to view our video tutorials. If you are still confused, contact us via our Support system.

I’ve found a bug. Can you help?

If you’ve found a bug or any problems in Betsender, please, let us know via Support system and we will help you as soon as possible.

Does the bot work on Tennis, Football, Baseball?

Yes, the bot can bet on all markets.

I have other questions. How do I contact you?

Please, contact us through the Contact page. We will get back to you as soon as we can.