Record a video about Betsender and get a free license!

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For a limited time you can get a free license for Betsender worth £83! To get this great software with no costs, record a video explaining how to use the bot or some of it’s features. Only videos with voice (English) will qualify. So to get your absolutely free license you need: 1. Record a video tutorial with voice about Betsender. The subject is up to you, but the video must be at least 90 seconds long. You can show how to place bets, explain the bot’s settings, show how to import csv files, use “Test” feature,...

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Free Tips

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We’ve launched free tips service for laying on horse racing. The tips are available daily on . All tips are done by our partner Franklyn Martin, a successful punter who is so kind to share his lays with other bettors. The tips will be published six days a week, from Monday to Saturday. More information regarding the staking is available at Free Tips page.

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New version – Instance Manager

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New version of the bot (v1.4.20729) has been released. The main feature of this update is new simplified way to run and manage multiple instances of the Betsender. Before if you wanted to run multiple instances you had to create separate installations of the software. Now you can use “Instance Manager” built into the bot. The whole information about this new feature is explained in our PDF guide (“Instance Manager” section). In few words, now you need only one installation of the software. The Instance Manager is...

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Australian horse racing tips now available in Betsender

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We are happy to introduce a new version of the bot where you can load tips for Australian horse racing., the leading Australian tips service has agreed to include their tips for auto download in our bot. It provides tips for Australian horse racing, rating all runners in a race. Every day there are 15-30 tips. No doubts, it will help our Australian customers to find the edge. To load the tips into Betsender, you must be registered on site.

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Win2Win Racing writes a review about the Betsender

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Win2Win Racing ( reviewed our software and highly recommends it! Win2Win is a popular site about sports betting and horse racing. They give free horse racing tips, review software and systems, write sports betting articles. Pro subscription based tips also available. They also have a good forum where you can find an advice or share your experience. Now Win2Win provides their free tips as a CSV file for Betsender which you can import directly into the bot. Read Betsender review on Win2Win...

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We just have partnered up with a brand new tipster service – . It is a horse laying tips service which offers daily tips by email. Currently they have two systems, with different selections and odds criteria. All LayTips members are welcome to use our bot to automate the tips.

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Setting Timezone

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If you use Betsender outside UK, most likely you will need to properly set up your timezone to get correct race times. It is also required if you download tips from one of services available in the bot (for example, The Bet Plan). This tutorial explains how to do this. First, of course, you need to make sure that your computer has correct date and time, matching your local time. Next, you need to set your timezone on Betfair. Open Betfair site, login to your account. Then click ‘My Account’->’My Details’. On the My...

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The Bet Plan has turned £1000 bank to £5000 using the Betsender

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Harry, the owner of The Bet Plan, has completed his test started at September. He has got fantastic results using his tips in conjunction with our bot turning £1000 starting bank to £5000! Read his report and see results.

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The Bet Plan shows great results using the Betsender

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The Bet Plan has been testing their tips using the Betsender and made over 250% profit in September: The Bet Plan results. The Bet Plan is one of the tipster services available for automatic download in the Betsender.

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Version 1.4

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Version 1.4 just has been released! What’s new: 1) BSP betting – option to place your bets at Betfair starting price (available only in Betfair version, obviously). It has certain limitations though, for example, you can’t bet at BSP less than Betfair minimum size (2 pounds) and can’t use it in simulation mode. Please, see the “BSP betting” topic of the help file for complete information. 2) Simplified Find Markets tool – less parameters to enter, more simplicity. 3) Advanced test function –...

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