Version 1.4

Version 1.4 just has been released!

What’s new:

1) BSP betting – option to place your bets at Betfair starting price (available only in Betfair version, obviously). It has certain limitations though, for example, you can’t bet at BSP less than Betfair minimum size (2 pounds) and can’t use it in simulation mode. Please, see the “BSP betting” topic of the help file for complete information.

2) Simplified Find Markets tool – less parameters to enter, more simplicity.

3) Advanced test function – allows to run staking plans against yours bets (made before) or random bets (in a certain price range).

4) Stop at account balance – useful if you run several instances of the bot and want to stop betting after reaching a certain balance in your account.

5) Option to reset staking plan every day – useful if you want to clear all staking plan history (losses, stakes, etc) and start over every new day.