Using Win and Cash In System with Betsender Bot

Recently we’ve received many inquiries about using the bot to place bets accordingly to “Win And Cash In” system rules. It is a betting system that can be automated in the bot. We will not show complete setup here to not disclose all secrets of this system that belong to its rightful owners, however if you’ve purchased the “Win And Cash In” system and need help setting it up and running in the bot and Betfair, let us know, we will provide full set up instructions.

Here are most frequently asked questions regarding the bot settings that one needs to do for “Win And Cash In” system.

1. How to exclude all Irish races in Betsender?

Enter the following in “Node Name” box of Find Markets window:

2. How to stop when profit is reached?

Set ‘Stop betting at profit’ in Settings to 0.1 or any profit amount you want to stop at.

Win And Cash In With Bot

Unfortunately it will not be possible to automate all the system rules in the bot.  Certain rules you will need to check yourself. These are rules #5 and #10 from “Win And Cash In” system.