TheBetPlan bot

From our previous posts you probably know about one of most reliable betting tips out there, TheBetPlan. It is available as auto-download option in Betsender. But now you have even more options to choose. We’ve done a small and robust bot dedicated specially for TheBetPlan  tips. It is called TheBetPlan betting bot and it is available on a monthly subscription basis with TheBetPlan service. The bot has minimum required settings, works on auto pilot and keeps records of all your bets. It is available for Betfair and Betdaq exchanges. Make sure to check this amazing results report from TheBetPlan team: . It has been done using our bot. If you are one of Betsender customers, you can be sure about support and reliability of this bot.

By the way, if you are owner of a tipping service, contact us to get a betting bot developed for your system. Don’t let other tipsters to beat you by using betting bots!