How to avoid issues running the bot on VPS

In this article I’ll explain common issues that you may face running the bot on VPS.

1. VPS physical location.

It is very important where your VPS server is physically located because some countries (and thus their servers) are banned on Betfair (e.g. Spain, France, Germany). So make sure the country where server is located is allowed on Betfair. You should be able to login to your Betfair account in a browser from the VPS. The best country to have VPS is UK because your server will be as close as possible to Betfair servers, therefore delays in reading market prices and placing your bets will be much shorter.

2. Configuring VPS.

You must enable .NET Framework 3.5 or 4.0 feature in your VPS server settings. Without this framework the bot might not start at all or not connect to Betfair. You can ask your VPS support team to configure that for you.

3. Firewall configuration.

On some servers you might need to add the bot to ‘allow’ list in firewall settings. Otherwise firewall might block outgoing connections between the bot and Betfair and the bot will not login to Betfair (your username and balance will be blank). Again, your VPS support should be able to help with this matter.