Betfair football markets in the bot

Recently we’ve received many queries about using Betsender bot with Betfair football markets. Here I’ll try to answer the most often questions.

1. If I have multiple matches that start at the same time, how the bot will update its stakes when the matches end?
The bot always updates its stakes in the same order as market results come in. For example, you might have 5 matches starting at the same time, but if they end at different times, results of your bets will come and update staking plan accordingly. Because of this it’s better to not use recovery staking plans if you have multiple Betfair markets staring at the same time.

2. Is it possible to use ‘Consequent betting’ with Betfair football matches.
It is better to avoid using ‘Consequent betting’ option in this case. Normal football match takes around 120 minutes and all other matches that are schedulled to start before end of the match will be cancelled.

3. How can I select ‘Draw’ for all ‘Match odds’ markets available on Betfair?
You can choose ‘3rd Selection’ as selection in Find Markets form of the bot.

4. How can I select ‘0-0’ for all ‘Correct scrore’ markets available on Betfair?
Choose ‘1st Selection’ as selection in Find Markets form. You can find more tips about selections in the bot for football markets here:

5. Can the bot place bets inplay or trade out my bet after a goal is scored?
The bot can’t place bets inplay, so neither of above is possible.